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Congratulations to Louise, Ivana and Vijay

Congratulations to Louise, Ivana and Vijay for their great works on Z-Selective Pd-catalyzed 2,2,2-trifluoroethylation of acrylamides at room temperature in collaboration with the group of Novák published in Chem. Commun. Highlighted by En direct des labos du CNRS

Tatiana Besset invited to the 3rd EurJOC Virtual Symposium

EurJOC editors Anne Nijs and Charlotte Gers-Panther together with Editorial Board Chair, Burkhard König (University of Regensburg) organise the EurJOC Virtual Symposium series. International speakers present current research projects straight out of their offices. The 3rd Edition of the EurJOC…

Interview of Tatiana Besset in Synform

SYNFORM regularly meets young up-and-coming researchers who are performing exceptionally well in the arena of organic chemistry and related fields of research, in order to introduce them to the readership. This Young Career Focus presents Dr. Tatiana Besset (CNRS, France).…